Award Type
Career Level

Important Dates for ELS 2021

  • Application Submission Opens: March 15, 2021
  • Application Submission Closes: April 30, 2021
  • Reviews completed: June 20, 2021
  • Notification: mid-July 2021
  • The Liver Meeting® 2021: November 12-16

Class of 2020

AASLD Foundation's Emerging Liver Scholars program is now in its ninth year. Meet the 2020 Emerging Liver Scholars.

Program History

Created in 2012, the Emerging Liver Scholars Program promotes the study of hepatology among residents who have the potential for a career in academic medicine and who haven’t yet determined their long-term career goals. This program is targeted toward medical, surgical and pediatric residents and their mentors to attend The Liver Meeting® and participate in other AASLD activities throughout their training.

The ELS program is supported by AASLD Foundation as part of its continuing mission to invest in innovative hepatology research and in the people who study and treat liver disease.

Who Should Apply?

AASLD members serve as mentors by identifying candidates who have an interest in liver disease and are most likely undecided on their career path. Candidates would be:

  • 1st and 2nd year residents in Internal Medicine, Pathology, Radiology or Pediatrics*
  • 1st through 4th year surgical residents

These residents would be interested in choosing adult or pediatric gastroenterology, hepatology, hepatopathology, surgery or GI radiation with an emphasis on hepatobiliary imaging as their career focus.

If you know of a colleague who hasn’t quite yet determined his or her final career goals and has an interest in hepatology, encourage them to learn more about the program.

* Applicants must be in US, Canada, and Mexico-based resident programs only.

What are the Expectations of Participation in this Program?

For the AASLD Mentor:

  • You will be expected to guide the resident throughout the program, both during The Liver Meeting® and following the meeting.
  • During the meeting, attend all Emerging Liver Scholar functions when required; check in with the resident daily during the meeting; and share your knowledge, understanding and experiences in the field of hepatology.
  • After the meeting, help facilitate career development through guidance and advice; provide for two-way communication; and be the champion of the resident.

For the Resident Mentee:

  • You must demonstrate motivation, self-direction and personal integrity
  • You must have highly developed interpersonal skills
  • You must demonstrate leadership and potential for academic success
  • You must demonstrate – most of all – the desire to succeed
  • You must be willing to commit for the duration of the meeting (Thursday – Tuesday) and provide mentors and AASLD Foundation with regular follow-up after the program
  • Allow your mentor to guide you throughout the program and be open to suggestions about programming and attendance at certain functions throughout The Liver Meeting®
  • Check in daily with your mentor
  • Provide for two-way communication
  • Serve as a resource to your colleagues by informing them about your experience at The Liver Meeting® and by working with the AASLD Foundation to produce materials for future scholar award recipients

Program Benefits


  • Opportunity to assist AASLD Foundation in the development and evaluation of its efforts to promote and support the hepatology workforce


  • One year of AASLD Trainee membership (includes journals)
  • Free registration to The Liver Meeting® (includes Postgraduate Course, Meet-the-Professor luncheons, Career Development Workshop, and Early Morning Workshops)
  • Travel expenses for The Liver Meeting®. This includes:
    • up to 5 nights at a hotel
    • air / rail expenses to and from the meeting
    • stipend for daily expenses at the meeting
  • Participation in the AASLD Resident/Fellow Ambassador Program, continuing your opportunity to network with fellow award recipients and AASLD members and reach out to colleagues about the field of hepatology and your experiences as an AASLD Emerging Liver Scholar

** AASLD Mentors may supervise up to two [2] ELS applicants per year. Two mentors may share one ELS applicant supervision, if appropriate.